If you’re concerned about indoor air quality in your Berea, KY, home, don’t look further for help than Affordable Service Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning. Contaminated air in a house can cause a variety of health issues. It’s important to take steps to keep circulating air as clean as possible. IAQ systems can remove harmful contaminants from the air, leaving your home feeling fresh and clean. A professional can help you explore your various options for a system so that you can make educated decisions about how to move forward.

    Indoor Air Quality in Berea, KY

    Poor indoor air quality has been linked with respiratory distress. It can make asthma symptoms worse and cause sneezing and coughing. It has also been linked with dry and itchy eyes. Long-term exposure to certain types of air pollutants can lead to heart and lung disease. It’s important to have the air in your home tested so that you can take steps to keep it clean.

    Experienced IAQ Services in Berea KY

    Particulates, chemical vapors, bacteria, viruses, and mold all have the potential to circulate in your home and cause problems. They can come from an array of sources ranging from pets to cooking. Indoor air pollution can be worse during those times of year when you have to keep the windows and doors of your home closed because of the weather. You want to have as much fresh air flowing through your home as possible. If you have a modern and energy-efficient home, it may be highly airtight and have the potential to build up extreme levels of contaminants.

    There are many different types of air cleaning systems.
    • Filters
    • Air scrubbers
    • Purification systems
    • UV lights

    Trusted Indoor Air Quality Experts Near You

    Trusted Indoor Air Quality ExpertsTechnicians from Affordable Service Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning have the skills needed to install any type of air cleaning system you want in your Berea home. We’re happy to offer advice about which type of system would be right for your needs. Our family-owned and -operated company strives to exceed customer expectations. All of our results are backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We refuse to cut corners with our workmanship and will use high-quality parts, products, and materials for everything we do.

    You can find our shop on East Main Street in Richmond. We’re equipped with everything we need to complete a job professionally. To make it hassle-free to pay for a new air cleaning system, we offer flexible financing options on approved credit. We can give you a detailed cost estimate for any job to ensure that there aren’t any surprises. You can count on us to answer any of your questions.

    Find out more about the IAQ services we offer in Berea by calling our team at Affordable Service Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning today. Be sure to contact us for all of your heating, cooling, and boiler needs, as well!