Your AC is a crucial part of your home. Not only does it help you and your family stay cool during warm weather months, but it assists with humidity control. You should consistently monitor the status of your unit and perform routine AC maintenance to keep it in good working condition. If your air conditioner releases hot air, try to discover why. Check out these six reasons why your AC is blowing hot air.

1. Dirty Filters

Your AC may be blowing hot air because the air filter for your unit is oversaturated with dust, dirt, and other particles. Your air filter can trap so many particles that air cannot flow properly in your system. A clogged air filter will prevent cool air from moving throughout your home. Also, a dirty filter can prompt your system to overwork itself as it attempts to cycle air. A lack of cold air circulation and an overworked system can lead your AC to release hot air. Consider getting a professional to change your air filter every 30 to 90 days.

2. Faulty Thermostat

An improperly set or broken thermostat may be why your AC is circulating hot air. The mode on your thermostat may be set to HEAT instead of COOL. If so, make the switch right away. The fan reading on your thermostat may be set to ON instead of AUTO. During warm days, a fan on the ON setting will blow hot air because it runs even when an AC is not in its cooling cycle. Your thermostat could also have dead batteries or irreparably broken parts. Fortunately, an HVAC technician can add new batteries or complete a thermostat replacement.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Your AC may be releasing hot air because of refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant is vital because it facilitates the heat-cold exchange needed for your unit to run smoothly. If the lines carrying refrigerant leak, your air conditioner will have low refrigerant levels. And it will cool much less. Refrigerant leaks can also damage various parts of your AC, forcing it to work harder until it ceases to blow any cool air. If you suspect your AC is experiencing refrigerant-related problems, seek the assistance of an HVAC technician who can find leaks, recharge your refrigerant, and replace the parts exacerbating the problem.

4. Clogged Line

A clogged condensate line may be responsible for the hot air coming from your AC. A unit releases condensation during heating and cooling. Its condensate line takes this moisture elsewhere so that it can exit your home. Because of the amount of fluid flowing through them, condensate lines typically experience build-ups of mold or algae. Such build-up makes it hard for your AC to remove humid air, resulting in warm air circulating throughout your home. Thankfully, an HVAC technician can address this build-up.

5. Aging System

Your unit may be blowing hot air because it is nearing the end of its life. Many air conditioners have a lifespan between 15 and 20 years. Air conditioners that are poorly maintained can last less than 15 years. If your unit is over 15 years old or did not undergo routine tune-ups or filter replacements, it may be unable to blow cool air. An HVAC technician can look at it and recommend upgrades or conduct an AC replacement.

6. Unit Obstructions

If you have an outdoor unit, it may have obstructions, causing your hot air issues. Many things can obstruct an outdoor AC system, including debris or an overgrown landscape. A system experiencing blockages may begin to overwork itself. Such overexertion may result in overheating and the release of hot air. An experienced HVAC technician can remove any obstructions.

Get Professional Help

Ultimately, your AC could be blowing hot air for several reasons. You can hire professionals to pinpoint and fix the issue. At Affordable Service Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning in Richmond, KY, we can solve your HVAC problems. We are a family-owned and -operated company that provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We offer AC maintenance, repair, and installation services. Our team members are highly skilled, attentive, and timely. All our expert technicians have over a decade of experience. They will provide you with a detailed explanation of your unit’s problems and work hard to address them. Contact Affordable Service Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning as soon as possible for more information about our services.

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