Commercial HVAC in RICHMOND, KY
September 11

Are Geothermal HVAC Systems a Good Fit for Your Home?

Geothermal HVAC systems offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating and cooling methods. However, a common question arises: Can I install a geothermal HVAC system… View Article Read More

Commercial HVAC in RICHMOND, KY
August 21

6 Key Tactics for Saving Energy in Your Commercial HVAC System

High energy costs can take a serious toll on the profitability of any business. For those businesses relying on HVAC systems, there’s an even greater… View Article Read More

Geothermal HVAC Installation in Richmond, KY
May 19

Exploring the Benefits and Mechanics of Geothermal Energy Systems

Geothermal heating is a fascinating and innovative technology that harnesses the natural heat from within the earth to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable source… View Article Read More

HVAC repair Richmond, KY
March 15

What to Expect With HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system is a major investment in your home. Most homeowners want to get the longest service life and have the lowest operating cost… View Article Read More

Air Filter Richmond, KY
January 20

How to Test Your Home’s Air Quality?

Your home’s indoor air quality, or IAQ, plays a significant role in keeping you and your family healthy and keeping your HVAC system running efficiently…. View Article Read More

Savings in Richmond, KY
December 20

Understanding SEER2 and the Impact It Will Have on Homeowners

Major changes are in store for the HVAC industry in 2023 that will have a big impact on how much you can expect to pay… View Article Read More

Multi-Zone HVAC in Richmond, KY
July 29

Understanding Multi-Zone HVAC Systems and How They Work

Do you frequently experience issues with uneven heating and cooling or hot and cold spots in some parts of your building? Are you looking for… View Article Read More

HVAC Lifespan in Richmond, KY
June 14

8 Factors That Determine How Long an HVAC System Will Last

There’s no one definitive answer to how long an HVAC system lasts. It could last 10 years, or it might last 20. Your system’s lifespan… View Article Read More

AC Maintenance in Richmond, KY
April 12

Reasons to Consider an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

All types of equipment need routine maintenance to remain functional and useful, and your HVAC system is not an exception. Although HVAC systems are robust… View Article Read More

Space Heater Safety in Richmond, KY
October 12

Fire Prevention Week’s Top Space Heater Safety Tips

It’s been estimated that space heaters are responsible for more than 25,000 home fires every year. This staggering statistic can initially make some homeowners hesitate… View Article Read More