Knowing the heating option to get for your home is important. A good heating system should manage to efficiently heat your home and allow you to control room temperatures. Also, it should be cost-effective and non-pollutant. Be sure to avoid heating systems that will produce dry air as they could create an uncomfortable environment.

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

These are also called “air-source heat pumps” since they extract heat from the air outside your home. The heat is then directed into the house. You can find this system in three styles: bivalent, electric, and add-on.

Add-on systems can allow you to use them with other systems if heat is insufficient. Bivalent systems are for extremely cold seasons. It is because they burn gas to increase the incoming air’s temperature. Electric systems have a supplemental heating system contributing when required.

Air-to-air heat pumps can also provide cooling for your home despite the lack of ductwork. Also, the installation costs are low.

However, the system may perform poorly under extreme temperatures, and you will need to maintain it regularly. For you to get a balanced system that offers cooling options, you will have to add another system. This means additional installation costs that make the entire system expensive.

Forced-Air Systems

This is the most common heating system in homes. In many cases, these systems create heat using propane, oil, or natural gas. When the air is heated, it will be circulated inside the home through the furnace using ductwork.

The great thing about forced-air systems is that your house will be heated uniformly. Also, you can find custom air treatment at affordable prices.

Unfortunately, you may need to add ductwork, which will increase expenditure costs. Also, the system may not allow you to have control over temperatures in some areas of your home.

Also, maintenance and filtration should be above average for the system to perform as required. If your home does not have ductwork, you need to install it, which could lead to additional costs.

Radiant Heating

There are different forms of radiant heating. It can be in-floor heating, which is very effective during winter. The radiant system is installed under the floor. Here, water from boilers or a geothermal system will spread beneath the house from the ground. As the heat spreads, it will be absorbed by the furniture and make the home comfortable.

Radiant heating systems require minimal maintenance. They offer a consistently comfortable environment with little noise, and they don’t pollute the air. Despite its benefits, however, the initial heating process is slow. It does not support a cooling system, and the repair and installation can be expensive.


In many cases, boilers are used together with radiant heating systems. They will heat water to generate heat that will be passed through the floor and spread into the house. A traditional approach was using steam radiators to heat the home.

Boilers tend to lose heat slower than most heating systems. It means you may get to enjoy a warm house for a long period. Also, if you have extra money, you could install additional systems. These will enable the boilers to provide your home with hot water. Boilers are highly efficient in providing clean air with consistent comfort.

One of the disadvantages to boilers is that since boilers lack ductwork, you may need to buy a cooling system to use during the summer. The heating process is slow, and it is expensive to sustain when combined with other systems.

Ductless Heat Pump

This is referred to as a mini-split system as it combines indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is like the ones used for ductless air conditioning. They work by reversing the refrigerant’s flow. The system does not require ductwork, and it uses the condenser to increase heat. The approach makes it efficient for multi-season operations.

One of the great things about a ductless system is that it has above-average efficiency and can operate in all seasons. Also, it doesn’t need ductwork, and you get to control room temperature. However, they are not effective for bigger homes and may require mounting multiple units on your walls.

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