Summertime temperatures in Richmond, Kentucky average in the mid-80s. The days are hot and humid and the nights bring little relief. Fortunately, you can maintain a safe and comfortable living environment all throughout the season by keeping your air conditioner in top condition. To help you get started, the following is a comprehensive AC preventative maintenance checklist.

Change Your Air Filter

Without a doubt, keeping the filter in your air conditioner clean is the most important part of maintaining your cooling system. It’s also the easiest. When build-ups of grey, lint-like matter on this component become too thick, your air conditioner has a hard time moving air. Airflow issues will cause humidity problems throughout your HVAC ductwork and your home. They’ll also create undue system stress. Performing regular filter changes will prevent a host of common problems like overheating, short cycling, and heavy, oppressive indoor air.

In general, air conditioners should have their filters changed every 30 to 90 days. However, you should always check your AC air filter monthly. Before the cooling season starts, be sure to put a fresh filter in so that this component isn’t already overwhelmed with debris during its first, high-demand cooling cycle.

Clean Your HVAC Air Registers and Vents

Buildups of excessive debris on dirty HVAC air filters don’t stay contained. These accumulations often get blown off and pulled through the air ducts where they eventually land on air vents. Check for the same lint-like accumulations on your HVAC air registers, vents, and grilles. You may even find build-ups on these features even if you’ve been diligent about changing your air filter regularly. You can wipe this debris off using a damp cloth. If these build-ups happen to be especially heavy, you can also remove your vent covers and use your vacuum cleaner and its hose attachments to clean the area behind them.

This is also a good time to make sure that all of your HVAC air vents are fully opened. If your central HVAC system hasn’t been professionally zoned for customized cooling throughout the building, closing vents off can cause increased air pressure in your HVAC ducts and a variety of stress-related problems.

Clean the Perimeter of Your AC Condenser

Much like all of your air conditioner’s indoor components, its outside condenser requires good airflow. This unit should have at least 24 inches of clearance on all sides. If you need to, trim back overgrown shrubs, bushes, trees, and weeds in this area. In spring, when everything is in full bloom, this is a maintenance task that you should repeat monthly.

You should additionally check the AC condenser for signs of pest infestation. Birds, rodents, and insects often target these units given the warmth, shelter, and moisture they provide. If you suspect that there’s a nest or nesting animal in your air conditioner’s condenser unit, give us a call or call your pest control company.

Check the Condensate Drain Pan for Leaks, Clogs, and Algae

After sitting dormant for the winter, many air conditioner condensate drain lines are riddled with algal blooms. Algae in your AC drain line or drain pan will prevent condensate from exiting the building. If you have a water leak near your drain pan, this is the most likely cause. Before turning your air conditioner on, have it professionally serviced.

Schedule Professional AC Tune-up Service

Irrespective of whether algal blooms exist, all air conditioners require annual maintenance from a licensed HVAC company. There are certain maintenance tasks that homeowners simply cannot perform on their own. Tampering with fan motors, blower fans, and other moving components can instantly void your manufacturer warranty. It can also have a similar impact on the protections provided by your home service agreement and your home insurance plan. Moreover, professional, annual tune-up service is a requirement of each of these mutually binding contracts.

The best time to schedule an AC tune-up is right before the cooling season starts. This gives our technicians that chance to prime your air conditioner for maximum efficiency and performance. It also allows us to identify minor problems and solve them before they’ve spiraled out of control.

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