Once the winter is over, you are probably wondering if you should turn off the gas furnace for the summer. Will switching off the gas furnace reduce energy bills? Will it be easy to switch it back on? Are there any risks associated with turning off the gas furnace? These might be some of the questions you are wondering. Let us explore these questions and review the advantages and disadvantages of turning the gas furnace for the summer.

Advantages of Turning Off the Gas Furnace During Summer

Traditional gas furnaces are going to continue using natural gas throughout the year, whether you’re using it or not. There is a pilot light in the gas furnace that stays on, regardless of usage. The role of the pilot light is to provide the flame needed to light the gas from the burner. When the gas furnace needs to switch on, a valve releases the gas into the burner, where the gas gets ignited by the pilot light. Without the pilot light, the gas furnace will not be able to function. So whether you are not using the water heater, not cooking, or not needing to heat the home, the pilot will be consuming gas to keep the pilot light on.

The amount of gas used by the gas furnace depends on the model of gas furnace you have, but as it runs 24/7 for 365 days a year, the energy consumption of the pilot light can be significant. Therefore, there will be a clear advantage in energy savings if you turn off the gas furnace for the summer. There also some electrical sensors in the gas furnace that will continue to use electricity if the gas furnace is switched on. This will add to your energy bills for the summer.

Another advantage of turning off the gas furnace is that you won’t have to get maintenance services for the gas furnace during summer. Certain maintenance services such as changing the gas furnace filters are going to be required if you are using the gas furnace during the summer.

Disadvantages of Turning Off the Gas Furnace During Summer

There are some disadvantages to turning off the gas furnace for the summer. If you are not familiar with how to switch on the gas pilot light, it can be quite tricky to switch it back on when you need to. Natural gas is a highly flammable substance, so we recommend that you do not try to switch on the pilot unless you are familiar with how it works. You can use the services of professional heating, cooling, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians for all services related to the gas furnace.

If you have switched off the gas furnace for the summer, it is better to get a comprehensive inspection from an HVAC technician before you turn on the gas furnace. The furnace might have developed issues that need to be fixed. You can also have the HVAC technician install a carbon monoxide detector for the gas furnace. Carbon monoxide is a by-product of the gas furnace, and it can cause severe headaches and other health issues.

A key disadvantage of turning off the gas furnace for the summer is that the furnace can suffer from corrosion and rust due to excessive moisture that can accumulate with an inactive gas furnace. When you are using the gas furnace or when the pilot light is on, the moisture can get evaporated from the heat, protecting the furnace from corrosion and rust. If you live in regions with high humidity, the effects of moisture can be worse for the gas furnace.

It is also possible that debris can accumulate in an inactive gas furnace, requiring cleaning services before the furnace can be switched on. Certain insects can take up residence in the gas furnace, and that will make it to your furance requires inspection and cleaning before it’s ready for use for the winter.

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